Driving Experiences

For all those dads who like nothing more than to sit in front of the TV all weekend and watch the Grand Prix, this is definitely the gift for them! Driving experience days are available up and down the country. Fuelled by the popularity of car shows on TV led by ‘Top Gear’ and Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘The Grand Tour’ the high adrenaline action, high intensity world of car racing has an enduring appeal with dads. Driving experience gifts offer the opportunity to get behind the wheel of every car imaginable from the classic Aston Martin to the Supercars normally reserved for millionaire formula 1 drivers all the way to the F1 cars they compete in on the Grand Prix circuit. Choose a car, choose a track and give your dad a gift he’ll love.


This must be the ultimate gift for the petrol head dads. Packages are available for all 20 Formula 1 races across the globe. You’ll get the best tickets and a seamless service to bring your dad unparalleled access to the greatest car racing on earth. Perks include pit lane walks, driving tours of the track this is the gift that delivers!

Supercar Driving Experience

This opportunity lets your dad drive four different legendary supercars including the Laborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Audi. This is the dream gift for car lovers. With numerous driving circuits available across the UK and up to 24 miles driven, your dad is sure to thank you for this ultimate driving gift. RedLetterDays.com

Juggernaut Thrill

For those dads wanting a bit more beef to their driving experience, how about finding out what it feels like to be a trucker. The Juggernaut Thrill offers the chance to drive a lorry around a slalom course with a 45 foot trailer on the back. This is the ideal gift for the dads that dream of life on the open road. Give them the chance to experience the thrill first hand! RedLetterDays.com


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