Best golf balls of 2017

Let’s face it, golf balls aren’t the most exciting gift in the world but golfing dad’s just can’t  get enough of them! If you don’t know your birdie’s from your bunker’s, here’s a handy guide to some of the best golf balls of 2017.

We’ve compared reviews from the biggest names in golf: and and compiled a list of the top four golf balls that will make an ideal gift for the aspiring golfing pro. Take your pick from this list and your dad will owe his improved game to you.

These four big name brands in golf all have a new 2017 selection of golf balls with specific designs for long and short hitters so its probably best to find out what kind of golf game your dad has before spending your money.

1.      Titleist Pro V1/X

The most advanced golf balls Titleist have ever made. Longer shots are possible due to decreased spin due to a new aerodynamic design. If your dad prefers a softer feel to his golf balls go for the Pro V1. ranking: #1, Gold Medal

2.      Srixton ZStar/XV

The ‘Z Star’ is softer and developed for control on the short game while the ‘XV’ is for big hitters looking for maximum distance from a fast swing style. Both designs include Spinskin performance technology. ranking: #2, Gold Medal

3.      Taylor Made TP5/X

The first and only five layer ball on the golf circuit. The ‘TP5’ is the softer of the two with the ‘X’ aimed at the longer hitters although both provide accuracy from inside 100 yards of the pin. Both designs will provide distance and spin so you just need to decide what kind of feel is preferred. ranking: #3, Gold Medal

4.      Calloway Chrome Soft/X

As the name suggests the ‘Chrome Soft’ is a soft compression golf ball with a low spin profile while the ‘Chrome Soft X’ is designed for the player looking for a higher ball speed off the Tee and a longer shot selection. ranking: #4, Gold Medal