Driving Experiences

For all those dads who like nothing more than to sit in front of the TV all weekend and watch the Grand Prix, this is definitely the gift for them! Driving experience days are available up and down the country. Fuelled by the popularity of car shows on TV led by ‘Top Gear’ and Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘The Grand Tour’ the high adrenaline action, high intensity world of car racing has an enduring appeal with dads. Driving experience gifts offer the opportunity to get behind the wheel of every car imaginable from the classic Aston Martin to the Supercars normally reserved for millionaire formula 1 drivers all the way to the F1 cars they compete in on the Grand Prix circuit. Choose a car, choose a track and give your dad a gift he’ll love.

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Golfing Experiences: A gift to remember

Did you know there’s whole range of interesting golfing experiences available nowadays for the dad’s that love nothing more than spending a day on the course. From video recorded lessons allowing full analysis of the golf swing to a masterclass with a PGA pro. You can even add a his and hers spa treat for mum and dad to relax together on his special occasion. And for the ultimate golf experience gift you can send them off to experience the pros in action at one of the biggest golfing events in the world! Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have the best gift for the occasion. Here’s a few golfing experiences, ideal for any golfing dad.

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Best golf balls of 2017

Let’s face it, golf balls aren’t the most exciting gift in the world but golfing dad’s just can’t  get enough of them! If you don’t know your birdie’s from your bunker’s, here’s a handy guide to some of the best golf balls of 2017.

We’ve compared reviews from the biggest names in golf: PGA.com and GolfDigest.com and compiled a list of the top four golf balls that will make an ideal gift for the aspiring golfing pro. Take your pick from this list and your dad will owe his improved game to you.

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